Obstetric Care

Dr. Greenland offers full comprehensive medical care during your pregnancy and delivers at St. John Of God Hospital Murdoch. His consultations are welcoming and thorough with plenty of time for you to ask any questions or voice any concerns.

With over 15 years of experience, Hugh’s practice has consistently proven its dependability. The experienced and highly skilled team are equipped with the latest technology and will do everything they can to ensure you have an enjoyable, safe and healthy pregnancy.


The practice is independently owned and offers professional and accredited fertility services, with a personalised approach to patient care. Antenatal visits are generally scheduled at around 8 weeks, 14 weeks, 19 weeks, 24 weeks, 28 weeks, 31 weeks and then fortnightly to 36 weeks, then weekly until delivery.

With hours suitable for busy patients our dedicated team provides custom treatments at our Wexford Medical Centre location. You can learn more about fertility services by getting in touch, we are proud to be of service to you.


Hugh was one of the first specialist gynaecologists to complete special skills training in pelvic ultrasound with the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, London in 1997. This training is different to that undertaken by radiologists and is aimed at complementing the specialists’ in depth knowledge to make relevant clinical decisions closer to the point of clinical decision making and surgery.

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The practice covers various segments of Gynaecology, from simple consultancy and guidance to complex surgical procedures. Hugh is an excellent surgeon and is always looking to adopt new technologies proven to be effective and safe for his patients.

After more than 16 years of 2-dimensional keyhole surgery, Hugh will add training in Robotic surgery to his repertoire by the end of 2019. This will enable him to develop a new and exciting area of technical expertise in delivering safe laparoscopic surgery.

These surgeries are applicable to conditions such as:

Abnormal menstrual bleeding | Cancer risk reduction surgery | Problems with sexual intercourse.

Chronic pelvic pain including management of endometriosis.

Minimally invasive surgery including ovarian cyst, total laparoscopic hysterectomy and management of uterine fibroid.

Colposcopy study and management of abnormal Pap smear.

Investigation (Urodynamic studies) and Management of Pelvic organ Prolapse and Urinary incontinence.