Dr. Hugh Greenland

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Hugh is an accredited specialist in obstetrics and gynecology at St. John of God, Murdoch. Dr. Greenland is experienced in high-risk obstetrics and prides himself on making a difference in women’s healthcare. Through personal and individualized treatment at every step of the pregnancy journey, Hugh ensures his patients always feel reassured, confident and prepared.


Practice Manager

Carolyn is an experienced practice manager who has just joined the team. More details to follow!



Donna brings over thirty years of midwife experience to the team. She has worked alongside Dr. Greenland for five years at St. John of God. Donna’s passion and skill contribute to a supportive and caring team that delivers exceptional obstetric care. With her expertise in all areas of midwifery, she helps guide you through your pregnancy into parenthood.


Registered Nurse

Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing from Notre Dame University in 2006. After gaining experience and working preoperatively at St. John of God Murdoch theatres as a clinical nurse, Chris now divides her time between the hospital and working alongside Hugh Greenland. Chris is rewarded through her work by being someone her patients can confide in and thrives on the emotional connections she makes in the time she shares with them.


Receptionist Lactation Consultant IBCLC

Emma has worked in the practice since the very beginning. Her ever-changing role as a bookkeeper, practice manager and trainee lactation consultant speaks to her versatility and adaptability within the team. She is currently training to be a Lactation Consultant and works in the practice reception. Emma’s personality helps bring our team together, ensuring an efficient and welcoming practice experience.